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HURRICANE, FLOOD, EARTHQUAKE, FIRE – just some of the reasons why you may need to leave your house in a hurry. What to take? In the panic of the moment, when you can’t think straight is not the time to start putting those things together.

THE HURRI BAG is designed for you to keep in your home, specifically for that moment in time. The bag comes with a water bottle, a flashlight, a blanket, a first aid kit and a waterproof bag with a checklist of important documents.

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The water bottle is light weight and without water lays almost flat. It holds almost 4 cups of water and when filled can be stood up. It can be clipped to the bag or your belt.

The flashlight may be small but carries a big punch. Can be used as a flashlight or a lantern. The tie can be wrapped around your wrist or tied to the bag.

The first aid kit is invaluable in an emergency. Contains 21 pieces including aspirin, antibiotic ointment pack, antiseptic towelettes, several sizes of band aids and a first aid guide all in a plastic case. Easy to carry and light weight.

The blanket measure 44″ X 55″, is water resistant so can be used to sit on or to wrap around you.

All this comes is a bag designed to stand out and be used for this purpose. Plenty of room left to add you own supplies. A book or toy for a child, medicine, some cash and a gas card and your phone charger. A change of clothing and a spare pair of eyeglasses are also good ideas.

I HOPE YOU NEVER NEED IT, but it’s comforting to be prepared and know what to do and what to with you if an emergency strikes.


Get everyone in your home together. Find all doors and windows that lead outside and check to make sure they all open easily.
Windows or doors that have security bars or window guards should be installed with emergency release devices.
Every room should have two ways out. Practice what you would do and how you would get out if either the window or door was blocked.
Decide on a meeting place that’s a short distance outside the house.
Does anyone in your house need assistance. Create a specific plan for them.
Choose a family member or friend who lives out of your area and make sure everyone knows their phone number. This ways if cell phones are down you can leave messages for each other
Call 911
Can your house number be seen, day or night, from the street.
PRACTICE – so everyone know what to do.

Take photos of your home and put them in waterproof bag.
Always have a little cash on hand
Watch or listen to the news and follow their instructions.
Make photocopies of your credit cards and passports.


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